The wines of the future

Tenuta Crodarossa focuses on resistant vines

When Tenuta Crodarossa was still just an idea, our ambition has always been to create a place for culture and for bringing together a passion, Paolo Remini‘s passion for wine, but without forgetting the necessary care for the environment and preservation of the mountain territory.

A first step, certainly a significant and important one for a reality such as ours, was the production of wines labelled green, i.e. organic.

Over the years, however, we wanted to take a further step forward, combining the tradition of which we are the solemn bearers with the field of experimentation and research.

Crodarossa enters PIWI VENETO

The perspective of a more sustainable viticulture developed in Mel, near our headquarters in 2017, immediately involved the Tenuta Crodarossa project, which together with nine other wineries enthusiastically joined the Veneto Region’s proposal.

The PIWI VENETO project commenced, implemented by the Veneto Agency for Innovation in the Primary Sector. Its aim is to study the agronomic and oenological behaviour in the territory of the most recent PIWI resistant grapevine varieties, which are listed in the National Register of Wine Grape Varieties.

PIWI is an acronym that comes from the German pilzwiderstandfähig meaning ‘fungus-resistant vines’.
The strong reduction in phytosanitary treatments required by these types of vineyards has an impact first and foremost on the health aspect, making these crops more suitable for areas such as our mountains, which need care and environmental protection, or more generally, even for built-up areas, to safeguard people’s health.

Considering then that phytosanitary treatments are the most burdensome agronomic operations, the use of resistant vines also brings an economic advantage for the farm that chooses them, not to mention the hours spent in the vineyard, which are drastically reduced.

PIWI Crodarossa wines

3 years have passed since the planting of the vineyard, in 2017 we have the first significant harvest of grapes from all the varieties planted and envisaged in the project.

Our vineyards grow Solaris and Souvigner Gris grapes, from which we produce two sparkling wines, Brut ‘Derù’ and Extra Brut ‘Vinti3’, and two still IGT Veneto wines, ‘Sasera’ our top choice thanks to its maturation in French oak barrels, and the ‘youngest’ of our wines, harvest 2021 ‘Col del Jevero’.

As a farm in mountainous terrain, we strongly believe in the potential of wines from strong vines and therefore wanted to put ourselves on the line by participating in the PIWI International Wine Awards.

There are already three recognitions – two silver medals for sparkling wines and gold for Sasera – that have made us proud and enthusiastic about the choice we have made and that always stimulate us to innovate and look to the future with new projects.